Restore the Broken

Our Founder

I am a pastry chef by trade and a 30-year vegetarian. 

I am just as surprised as you to be opening a fast food chain. 

But I have an undying love for the food service industry and the undeniable calling to serve others. 

Proudly, I am also recognized as an efficient and productive commercial kitchen manager, a strategic business developer and a radiant conscious team leader. My desire is to take my experience, talent and ability and do something to an industry that is long overdue for change. 

I know the time is right–the public is aware of the effects of a broken food system and corporate greed. We’re seeing how this dysfunction starves communities, under-employs hardworking people and throws our climate out of balance. 

This national awareness, along with Americans’ desire for dignified employment, wealth equity and access to nourishing food is all the momentum I need. 

In January of 2022, I sold my home in Colorado, left my community of 32 years and (most heartbreakingly) left my teenage son to launch the first Spark’s Burger Co. location in Manhattan, Kansas. 

This sacrifice and commitment demonstrates how much I believe in myself, believe in the hardworking, good people of Kansas and believe in the potential of what is being created with Spark’s Burger Co. 

I am here to serve, and I hope you will join me in The Regeneration of Fast Food.

Genevieve McGregor
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