Good Food

You get all the familiarity of a traditional fast food meal, only now it’s




We believe Americans want good food that reflects the good people we are.

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  • The Sunrise (egg & bacon from Eagle Ridge Ranch)
  • The Rancher (100% Angus beef burger from Leffler Prime Performance)
  • Meat in the Middle (beef and veggie blended burger)
  • The Farmer (100% veggie burger)
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WagDog Burgers

  • The Classic (100% Wagyu beef hot dog* from KC Cattle Co.)
  • The BBQ Suzy Dog (voted the best-tasting hotdog by Food and Wine magazine in 2019)
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Sides & Desserts

  • Dipper Fries
  • Milkshakes (from Hildebrand Dairy
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  • Milk from Hildebrand Dairy (root beer milk, regular milk, strawberry milk)
  • Boyland sodas
  • Local honey-lemonade and iced tea