Good Food

You get all the familiarity of a traditional fast food meal, only now it’s



We believe Americans want good food that reflects the good people we are.

Classic Burgers

a Sparks burger

Specialty Burgers

Spark It Up!

a Sparks Hot Dog Burger

Hot Dog Burgers

some Sparks Potato Dippers


Pick from our in-house dipping sauces!
Spark Sauce, Spark’s Creamy BBQ Sauce, Ranch, Chipotle Ranch, Sriracha Honey Ketchup, Hickory Honey Mustard, Wildfire (hot!)

a selection of beverages available at Sparks Burger  Co.

Drinks & Sodas

Sparks milkshakesMilkshakes, Malts & Floats

Make it a malt! $0.25   Add fresh whipped cream! $0.50