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We shake a lot of hands and hug a lot of Carhartts meeting and partnering with the most ethical and principled ranchers and dairy farmers.

These true animal welfare activists receive direct sustainable compensation to keep their family farms running for generations to come.


With great honor, we support those who dedicate their lives to serving and protecting us. We partner with many veteran-owned and operated businesses, employ veterans and service member families, as well as supporting veteran community events.

We are incredibly honored to  give support to our veterans, those who are willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice to serve us.

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We believe Gen Z’ers have the potential to transform the world. They connect boundlessly, think differently, and innovate quickly.

We partner with local high schools and their Career and Technical Education programs  to build each Spark’s Burger Co. location.

“Kids these days” believe that anything is possible, and we are here to show the tactical steps necessary to achieve their dreams, enlighten industries and impact the world.

“What does Spark's Burger Co. And Eagle Ridge Ranch have in common? 1. We both dream so big, people think we are crazy. 2. We both are trying to solve a global problem locally, one community at a time. 3. We are both out-of-the box thinkers and "disrupters" of the current norms. Thank you for believing in us & sharing your dream of local food fast!”

Eagle Ridge Ranch