The Regeneration of Fast Food

REGENERATE = To regrow or restore what is broken or lost.

The fast food industry has become a giant machine of existence and transformed our eating habits…not for the better.

Spark’s Burger Co. brings healthy systems and humanity to the industry.

It’s The Regeneration of Fast Food™.

Food Systems

No one wants to think about it, but traditional fast food hamburgers are sourced from industrialized Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs). Thousands of animals stuffed in cramped, muddy pins, while consuming fattening-feed full of hormones and antibiotics.

Just one very popular restaurant chain sells 75 hamburgers a second, which is the equivalent of 6 cows a minute! It is also the cause of great ecological and humanitarian damage.

Time to Regenerate!

It doesn’t have to be like that. There’s a new way: 

Our meat and dairy come from local ranchers who practice regenerative agriculture. That means they grow their crops and raise their animals in a way that works with nature, not against it. Animals are allowed to roam, eat natural-growing grasses and grains, while being nurtured by stewards who ensure that they only have one bad day.


Employees in fast food restaurants are underpaid, overworked, under-trained and unsupported by poor management. It is no wonder why the industry is experiencing a labor crisis.

Time to Regenerate!

It doesn’t have to be like that. There’s a new way:

Spark’s Burger Co. onboards their employees at $15/hour. We also offer benefits, profit-sharing, and soon–employee co-ownership. 

Our Eaters & Leaders™ Management Program teaches efficient and productive management, as well as the characteristics necessary to become great leaders. We are ushering in a new generation of employee: one that knows that they are not just workers, they are partners.

Regeneration Employment (2)
Regeneration Employment1

“We support regenerative agriculture practices because of the positive impacts that it makes on the environment in which we make our living. We represent a small piece of the agricultural community but our practices have the ability to create change.”

Kale Swing, KC Cattle Co.

Farmer 2
Regeneration Tractor

Local Community

When you spend $10 at a national fast food chain, $5.70 LEAVES your community. Rural agricultural communities get hit the hardest. Small towns are dying, and residents who love their home and heritage are being forced to move.

Time to Regenerate!

It doesn’t have to be like that. There’s a new way:

Because we are locally-owned and source our food locally, when a customer spends $10 at Spark’s Burger Co., the money stays in the community. The money feeds your community. You support us, and we support you!