NOW OPEN! 405 Poyntz Ave. Manhattan, KS
HOURS: Monday thru Wednesday 11am to 8pm
Thursday, Friday & Saturday 11am to 9pm

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We Are

Spark's Burger Co.

We bring fast food HOME.

Our meat, dairy and eggs are all sourced within 100 miles of our location in gorgeous downtown Manhattan, Kansas.

Not just another Hamburger Restaurant

All the comfort and satisfaction of a traditional fast food meal, but made from local, high quality, humanely-sourced ingredients.

Bringing sustainable systems and humanity to an industry that is broken.

Partnering with hardworking ranchers who take good care of their land and ensure their animals only have one bad day.

The most exciting part of working with Spark’s Burger Co is simple: A Kansas Food Establishment serving Kansas Beef. I’m not sure there is anything more perfect. The more communities can support one another, the more everyone will thrive."

Jacquelyne Leffler, Prime Performance